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in motion

If human beings are in constant motion,
why research with rigid glass plates?

What is it?

FlexiDish is an innovative device for basic research in health and biology

What does it do?

It allows the study of cells by simulating the movement of the tissues of living beings, thus reducing animal experimentation.

How does it work?

The researcher can grow cells on a membrane that stretches cyclically to simulate the movement of the lung, muscle or heart, unlike the traditional rigid Petri dish.

What is its advantage?

Its design is focused on user experience and scientific accuracy.


We want to turn FlexiDish into an indispensable instrument at a global level, so that this technology goes beyond specialized laboratories and with high resources.

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Regional market
Interested researchers
Prizes awarded

Business Model

We provide the equipment on loan so that the researcher can start using the equipment and incorporate it as a new laboratory instrument.Para la entrega del comodato y su continuidad, se requiere una compra inicial y otra regular de membranas de silicona.

Our Team

The following researchers and professionals from various disciplines have worked since the inception of FlexiDish and continue to work towards a commercially available version.

Prizes and Alliances

Since its inception in 2017, Flexidish has managed to receive funding of more than US$20,000, 2 scholarships, 3 awards, mentoring and training. In addition, it produced 1 patent application (pending), 1 scientific publication [link] and 2 congresses

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Biomaterials, Biomechanic and Bioinstrumentation Lab, UNSAM
Av. 25 de Mayo 1169, B1650HMK San Martín, Bs As, Argentina

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